Con Edison 14th Street Power Plant Site Visit

"ConEd Plant, New York (M1002126)" by "Steve Harris" Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0). Accessed 01 June 2017. [LINK]

On Friday, February 24th, the Stern Energy Club was hosted by one of its own Langone students, Alexander Potulicki, at Coned’s 14th Street Power Plant where he showed us the day-to-day operations of how New York generates and distributes the electricity flowing into our beloved city. Stern students were first introduced to the historical development of the power plant and how it has evolved since its inception. Its most recent development took place as a result of the East River Repowering Project which increased the electric generating capacity of the 14th Street Power Plant from 300 MW to 660 MW and expanded its steam generating capacity from 2.7 to 5.7 million pounds/hour - all completed without increasing the station’s footprint in downtown Manhattan. Alexander and his team then guided the students through the inner workings of the power plant. The group was able to witness the two massive turbines (think giant jet engines) that are used to generate electricity and steam in the powerplant itself. We then were able to see the substation which comprises a vital component of the complete generation, transmission, and distribution system. Lastly, we visited the operating room in which a 24/7 team of operators are constantly monitoring all the parameters of the power plant to ensure it operate safely and reliably. Special thanks to both Alexander Potulicki for connecting the Stern community with the utilities ecosystem of Coned and incoming Stern Energy Club President, Guy Brearey, for working to organize the trek